Thrive with Jamie Michelle

The Podcast

Jamie Michelle is changing the world by revealing the secrets that will elevate you to unbelievable levels of success. She has a mesmerizing way of showing you the opportunity for growth (and humor) in every situation so you can use it to catapult into new levels of success.


The Live Radio Show

Tune in to LIVE episodes of Permission to Thrive on Monday nights at 9:00 pm EST on TuneIn Radio & BBM Global Network. 

Permission to Thrive is a brand new, highly anticipated weekly show that promises to guide you to new levels of success & confidence.  Why would you want to just be surviving this life, when you could be thriving?  Award winning transformation mindset coach, Jamie Michelle, passionately shares the real truth about living a happy, healthy, successful, & confident life.

Jamie brings a fresh, fun, & exciting new perspective on what it means to really “have it all."  Allow yourself to be lifted to unbelievable levels of success & happiness & experience life the way you were meant to. The only person's permission you need to truly thrive is YOURS.

Listen Live Mondays at 9 pm EST

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