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Energy & Performance for Intentional Champions

About EPIC

At EPIC, we are committed to supporting our clients at the highest level.  EPIC is always raising the standard for excellence.  We go above & beyond mindset coaching & connect with our clients on a deeper level that allows them to constantly enhance their talent, strength, & focus to be intentional champions.  Founded on the principles of hard work & responsibility, courage, commitment, passion, trust, and having fun, EPIC promises to lead you to your desired results in the most efficient & effective way possible.

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The EPIC Coach

The EPIC Coach

Jamie Michelle is an award-winning mindset coach who specializes in energy & performance enhancement for professional athletes & sports teams.  She has helped thousands of people worldwide transform their lives & experience massive success through her one-of-a-kind coaching & enthusiastically sharing her message.  

Undoubtedly an expert in her field, Jamie has been recognized for her extraordinary leadership & passion for her work.  She is committed to her clients' success & is one of few transformational coaches who visibly lives what she teaches.

Jamie is a powerful force in the industry, being the first energy & performance coach for professional athletes & sports teams that uses the Universal Laws of energy.  She quickly identifies & shifts the energy in her clients' minds & bodies so they can continually raise the standard for excellence - in sports performance & in life.

When she's not working with clients, Jamie shares her knowledge through writing & motivational speaking.  She hosts the national live radio show Permission to Thrive, which can be heard on TuneIn Radio & BBM Global Network Monday nights at 9 pm EST.

You Are Epic

EPIC is committed to helping professional athletes unlock their limitless potential with its exceptional & unrivaled approach to energy & performance enhancement.

All of the world's best leaders have a coach.  If you want the best sports performance coach to become legendary, look no further than Jamie Michelle at EPIC.  To learn more about being an EPIC athlete, click the button below.

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