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Energy & Performance for Intentional Champions

Energy & Performance for Intentional Champions

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What's up All-Star?

So, you wanna be a champion?

Most people think that winning & success is just a product of the things they do each day, which is why they aren't getting any results.  Trying to improve performance just by changing behaviors is pointless.

It's not about WHAT you do. It's about WHY you do it. What's motivating those behaviors?  What's the driving force behind all of it?

ENERGY.  You've gotta understand & master the energy that you create with every breath you take.  I show you how to do that so you can intentionally become the epic athlete & champion you've always wanted to be.

I'm Jamie, a master mindset coach & energy expert.  I've helped thousands of people across the world achieve goals they never even thought possible for themselves, & now I am committed to helping you win - win games, win championships, & win life. 

Let's get this party started, shall we?


I Wanna Win

You're Just Getting Warmed Up

You've got the talent.  You've got the instincts.  You work hard & you excel at what you do.  You're one of the best in the world, but you still want more.  You're just getting warmed up & you're ready for the next level.  You have an insatiable hunger for winning, & you're committed to doing whatever it takes to raise the standard for greatness. 

If this is you, you're already ahead of the game.  You have everything you need to become the most epic athlete your sport has ever known, you just haven't allowed yourself to see it yet.  I'll not only help you see it... I'll also help you enhance it.  

There's no time to be wasted.  Click the button below to learn more about becoming an EPIC Athlete.

I Am an EPIC Athlete

Coaching for Championship Teams

Winning the championship is the goal of every sports team, & only one team achieves that goal each year. Each season comes with its own unique challenges, but if you master the collective energy of your team & your players, you've got even more of an advantage against your opponents.

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Yes, There's a Podcast.

Uncover the secrets that will elevate you to unbelievable levels of success. Jamie shows up weekly to share her expertise so you can enhance your power, dominate your field, & be unstoppable.  There are no limits to what you can achieve when you live life from this place.  Jamie is dedicated to guiding you on your own journey to self-mastery to become the most powerful version of yourself.

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Live an Epic Life

Learning how to master your energy isn't just gonna help you become an epic athlete.  It will allow you to live your most epic life. When you transform one area of yourself, you'll see your entire life shift in a positive direction.  You'll become epic through living your life - not just through playing the game.  It's never too late to connect to your power & make an impact on the world.  I'll show you how it's all connected - the spiritual, mental, & physical - through energy.




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As a national radio show host, Jamie has a very special way of connecting to an audience while delivering a very powerful message. If you're looking for a motivational speaker for your next event, she's sure to bring the fire.

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